Equity Investments

OZ Minerals has a number of equity interests in other mining and exploration companies. OZ Minerals considers these holdings likely to generate future value to the company and to shareholders.

The various holdings are as follows:

422.8m shares in Toro Energy

Toro Energy Limited (ASX code: TOE AU) is an Australian listed uranium exploration and development company. OZ Minerals’ interest in Toro is a strategic window into the uranium industry. OZ Minerals owns around 27% of Toro. 

For further information on this company please visit www.toroenergy.com.au.

29.9m shares in Sandfire Resources NL

OZ Minerals owns around 19% of Australian listed Sandfire Resources NL (SFR:ASX). This is considered a strategic investment which provides exposure to Sandfire’s high quality Doolgunna copper project located in Western Australia. This acquisition is consistent with OZ Minerals' strategy of investing in promising copper assets. The vast majority of the stake was acquired in July 2010.

For further information on this company please visit www.sandfire.com.au.

50.0m shares in Renaissance Minerals

OZ Minerals owns around 16% of Australian listed Renaissance Minerals (ASX code: RNS AU) as a consequence of the sale in early 2012 of its Cambodian gold exploration interests. These Cambodian assets now form the major asset within Renaissance. Consideration for the purchase was a combination of cash up front, deferred cash, shares and options in Renaissance. 

For further information on this company please visit www.renaissanceminerals.com.au

33.9m shares in IMX Resources Limited

OZ Minerals currently owns about 8% of IMX Resources (IXR:ASX) which was acquired as part of a prior joint venture to explore for copper-gold projects in South Australia. 
For further information on this company please visit www.imxresources.com.au/.

8.0m shares in Minotaur Exploration

OZ Minerals owns around 5% of Minotaur Exploration (ASX code: MEP AU). In early 2005,
OZ Minerals subscribed for a small stake in Minotaur Exploration which contained the non Prominent Hill assets of the former Minotaur Resources as well as other exploration projects in Australia. Further shares have since been bought in various placements.

For further information on this company please visit www.minotaurexploration.com.au.

12.8m shares in Beadell Resources

In mid 2007 OZ Minerals sold the majority of the Australian exploration interests (excluding those in the Wiluna area) that were acquired as part of the takeover of Agincourt Resources Limited, into the IPO of Beadell Resources (ASX code: BDR AU). OZ Minerals received shares in Beadell Resources as part of this transaction.

For further information on this company please visit www.beadellresources.com.au.

27.0m shares in EMED Mining

OZ Minerals acquired shares in consideration for its interest in EMED Mining Public Limited (formally known as Eastern Mediterranean Minerals Ltd) which was the exploration arm of OZ Minerals' Cyprus interests. OZ Minerals has also subscribed for additional shares in subsequent placements. EMED Mining is listed in Canada (code: EMD CN) and London (code: EMED LN).

For further information on this company please visit www.emed-mining.com.