About this Report

Welcome to the OZ Minerals Sustainability Report 2008. This report details our economic, social and environmental performance and our approach to responsible corporate governance. It also details the performance of Oxiana Limited and Zinifex Limited since each last reported prior to merging to become OZ Minerals in July 2008.

We understand that caring for our people, our neighbours and the environment is critical to our business. Our key sustainability objectives are to:

  • Protect the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees and contractors
  • Minimise our impact on the environment
  • Ensure that the communities in which we operate receive real benefit from our activities, and
  • Be known for our integrity.

We see this report as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to transparent and accountable reporting of our sustainability challenges and our progress in managing them. It is a key aspect of our engagement with stakeholders regarding our social and environmental performance.

The report preparation process also provides us with an invaluable review of systems and processes, identifying areas in which data accuracy and availability could be improved. This review has been particularly valuable at this time, as we have worked to integrate systems and processes following merger of Oxiana and Zinifex to become OZ Minerals.

Our focus, in preparation of this report has been to bring together performance data for OZ Minerals, Oxiana and Zinifex and to present stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of our performance over a period of significant organisational change. This has presented a number of challenges, including alignment of calendar and financial year reporting periods and different processes for data collection and storage. While we have made every effort to present a report that is easy to understand, we recognise that in some instances, data comparability has been impacted.

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