Performance Summary 2008

Following is a summary of our performance against selected commitments made previously by Oxiana and Zinifex. Progress is reported in more detail within the relevant performance sections of this report.

OZ Minerals’ sustainability commitments going forward are outlined in Commitments 2009.

achieved in progress not achieved
Key Performance Indicator Performance 2008* Progress
Maximise benefits of our operations to local communities Community investment of over $7.3 million
Develop a company-wide sponsorships and donations strategy Not progressed
Our People    
Increase levels of employee satisfaction Conducted an employee perception survey to determine strengths and areas for improvement
A workforce that is continually developing and performing to its capabilities

Delivered a range of specific development activities across the company, including leadership development

Commenced development of the OZ Minerals Performance Management Program
Percentage of women at all levels of the business to increase year on year

Three months paid parental leave extended to all OZ Minerals employees
Review of proposed salary increases conducted to ensure uniformity across gender

16.25 per cent female employees
Increased Indigenous employment Pre-employment programs targeting Indigenous communities conducted at Century, Golden Grove, Prominent Hill and Rosebery operations.
Safety and Health    
Zero fatalities 2 fatalities, 1 serious permanently-disabling injury
Improved overall safety performance 3 per cent reduction in TRIFR between June (post merger) and December 2008
Identification of fatal risks and safety embedded into the way OZ Minerals does business Fatal risk audits conducted at Rosebery and Century

Development of OZ Minerals Safety Strategy and Five Key Safety Actions Plan
Maintain or improve emergency response capability All sites have well trained emergency response teams in place. Teams from Rosebery, Avebury and Century performed well at Mine Rescue competitions.
Community Relations    
Formal Community Engagement Plans in place at all operations Commenced development of Community Engagement Plans at some operations.
No non-compliances with licence conditions 61 regulatory water discharge exceedances

Continual improvement in environmental management system
– achieve ISO14001 certification at Sepon and Century and retain certification at Golden Grove and Rosebery

Sepon achieved ISO14001 certification in December 2008. Golden Grove and Rosebery retained certification. Certification was not pursued for Century.
Energy efficiency improvement projects identified and implemented Projects identified at Golden Grove and Century.

*Includes performance for the full reporting period, as detailed in Our Sustainability Report.