OZ Minerals
Sustainability Report



Attending a safety briefing

OZ Minerals recognises that the capability, satisfaction and overall engagement of our people are most important to a prosperous mining and exploration company.

This year, the demand for skilled labour in the mining industry continued to grow. There has been an increase in the number of mining jobs advertised across Australia, which has contributed to heightened competition for talent in the sector. OZ Minerals has embarked on a range of initiatives to ensure continued attraction and retention of a skilled workforce.

Employing locally and developing people from outside the industry has been a key initiative. We have continued to have ongoing success with our locally targeted pre-employment training program. This year, eight indigenous trainees graduated from the program and as a result became full-time employees at Prominent Hill. This success was recently recognised with OZ Minerals winning the Diversity@Work Small to Medium Organisation Award for ‘Employment and Inclusion of Indigenous Australians’.

At the close of 2010, OZ Minerals had a workforce, including contractors, of approximately 1,000 with approximately 800 people being based at Prominent Hill. OZ Minerals directly employs approximately 360 employees, with most of the workforce located at Prominent Hill. We have a corporate office in Melbourne, an administration office in Adelaide and an exploration division in Cambodia.