OZ Minerals
Sustainability Report

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OZ Minerals conducts regular audits to systematically and objectively verify conformance with Sustainability Management Standards and legal requirements, as well as to provide recommendations to improve safety, health, environment and social performance. The Audit and Assessment Management Standard addresses process requirements for internal and external auditing and assessment, including planning, training, methodology, schedules, follow-up and close-out of audit and assessment findings.

In 2010, an external review of compliance with standards was carried out at Prominent Hill. These standards set out the management of safety and health, environmental and social aspects of the business. The review concluded that OZ Minerals has the components of an integrated management system in place, as well as highlighting opportunities for continuous improvement of its operations. Action plans have been developed to address improvement opportunities.

Furthermore in 2010, OZ Minerals completed its second report under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (NGER). Prior to the submission of the report, a comprehensive independent external audit was conducted on the processes that OZ Minerals has developed to meet the requirements of the NGER Act.