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Our People

OZ Minerals strives for continuous improvement in safety performance. We’re also committed to progressing initiatives that will improve the diversity of our workforce.


We’re committed to safeguarding the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and contractors. Over the years we’ve fostered a robust approach to developing a strong safety culture; our workforce is empowered to raise issues before there is potential for an incident. For more information, see our Sustainability Report.


A diverse workforce results in a better workplace for everyone, which is why OZ Minerals is working hard to promote diversity within our business. We run the Leading My Career program, in conjunction with Beach Energy and Thiess, to provide career development opportunities for our high performing women. Our workforce currently comprises approximately 23% women directly employed by OZ Minerals and 14% of employees within the Prominent Hill workforce.

OZ Minerals lodges an annual report with the Australian government under the Workforce Gender Equality Act, and we also update the progress we’re making on female representation within our annual Sustainability Report, which can be viewed here.

Download the 2013-14 OZ Minerals Workplace Gender Equality Agency public report.