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Sponsorship Guidelines

OZ Minerals is committed to promoting a culture that ensures communities close to our operations benefit from our presence.

In developing sponsorships and community investment initiatives, we try and avoid creating dependency; instead striving to support organisations or projects achieving self-sustaining outcomes.

Geographical focus

For community support, we prioritise areas located in close proximity to our operations and key projects. Other geographic areas may be considered as long as benefits to OZ Minerals' stakeholders can be demonstrated.

Selection Criteria

Priority areas for support

  • Locally organised events and activities with broad community appeal
  • Funding towards skills development and educational programs
  • Funding towards environmental projects, sustainable development objectives, community education and conservation programs
  • Health and wellbeing programs

Not supported

  • Advertising
  • Contributions or support for any political party, politician or political candidate
  • Religious organisations undertaking religious activities (humanitarian branches of religious organisations maybe eligible)
  • Funding for organisations that are grant making or funding bodies (unless funding is tied to a particular preferable local project)
  • Wages and salaries

Applying organisations must demonstrate that they:

  • Are reputable and have a positive track record and solid governance
  • Share our values of Respect, Integrity, Action and Results
  • Don’t engage in activities that would contravene our code of conduct

Preference will be given to organisations and/or projects that:

  • Demonstrate how their initiative will provide sustainable benefits to local communities
  • Have other funding sources and will not be reliant on OZ Minerals for operational costs
  • Give a clear identification of how the money is to be spent
  • Lead the organisation, or communities being assisted, to become self-sustaining

Evaluation and audit

Where assistance has exceeded $1,000, OZ Minerals will require a post-project (or key point) report outlining how the investment contributed to the sustainable development of the community. Organisations may be asked to provide photos and a case study for the OZ Minerals Sustainability Report. A third party audit may be included as part of the case study development process.

Branding opportunities

OZ Minerals may engage in a limited number of broader corporate branding opportunities and will seek appropriate branding recognition for these opportunities.

How to apply

Applicants should complete a Sponsorship/Donations Request Form. The Sponsorship/Donations Committee will evaluate the application at designated quarterly meetings throughout the year.

Applications will be assessed according to the availability of funds and the ability of the application to meet OZ Minerals’ sponsorship criteria.

Successful applicants may be required to undertake certain obligations to recognise their partnership with OZ Minerals. 

Please find sponsorship application form below:


Please send applications to: