A modern
mining company

The OZWay

The OZWay is a simple model that explains how all the parts of OZ Minerals fit together.

Our Context is what happens in the world around us. As a Modern Mining Company, with a focus on Global Copper, we are agile to the changes in our Macro Environment and we listen and act on our Stakeholder Expectations. As a listed company we have a Constitution and we always meet or exceed the Laws and Regulations in the places we work.

Our Choices define who we want to be. Our “how” focussed Strategy guides our priorities and together we agree on the Risk Appetite that we work within. Everything we do is about value creation and our Policies talk about how we do that in the different cultures and conditions where we work. Our Code of Conduct provides for a culture of inclusion where motivated people act ethically and responsibly. Our behaviours and principles are lived through our How We Work Together principles.

Our Enablers bring our Strategy to life and empower our people to succeed. Our Organisational Model is devolved to Corporate Functions and Assets whose leader’s accountabilities are outlined in our Global Process Standards and Specifications. The devolved organisation is connected through risk management and our Global Performance Standards set the minimum requirements for managing material threats. We are proud of our culture and see this as our largest enabler for success.

Our Work is done by our Corporate Functions and Assets. It is prioritised using Risks as both threats and opportunities. We are innovative in the development of our Business Plans and we use Value Creation to ensure we invest responsibly. As a Lean organisation we know when Partnering makes sense and we ensure the Capability of our people, processes and technologies allows us to deliver. We regularly set and track our Goals aligned to our effective planning.

Our Performance gives us the right to continue to grow. We measure our Compliance to ensure we are doing what we say we will do. Our internal and external Reporting is data driven, and outcome focussed with the right people having the right information at the right time. We act with integrity and our Engagement with our stakeholders ensures we continue to deliver Value Creation. Our Assurance processes are there to make sure the OZWay is always followed and continuously improved.

Value Creation for Employees, Communities, Governments, Suppliers and Shareholders is core to who we are as a Company. We are collectively the people who make up OZ Minerals and How We Work Together will ensure we are Going Beyond What’s Possible to Make Lives Better.