OZ Minerals response to COVID-19

Following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions across Australia and with high community and site vaccination levels, it is no longer a requirement for people attending our Australian sites to be vaccinated other than for Western Australia where government vaccination rules apply.

We continue to recommend our people are fully vaccinated as government and medical advice is that vaccination reduces severity and transmissibility of the disease.

We also maintain a number of site-specific requirements for social distancing, personal hygiene, and mask wearing when moving around in some offices.

In Brazil, as we are seeing improved conditions, with a downward trend in confirmed cases, reduction in the occupancy rate in intensive care units of hospitals and greater vaccination coverage within country, some easing of COVID-19 restrictions across our facilities has also occurred.

Masks are no longer mandatory for people accessing site and offices, employee transport limits have been lifted and temperature checking is no longer taking place.

Other requirements remain unchanged including, personal hygiene; symptom checklists, and testing for those with symptoms or with incomplete immunisation

We take a risk-based approach in all jurisdictions and may need to reintroduce some measures in the event of a change in the COVID-19 status.