Our How We Work Together principles and behaviors underpin The OZWay.

They guide how we go about our work with each other and our stakeholders to best deliver Our Strategy and create value.

In our devolved model, How We Work Together helps to align our people by describing how we want to behave while at work.

And devolved?

It just means we’ve got our company set up in a way that allows our business to make the necessary decisions where it counts, and our people to achieve outcomes that they are accountable for delivering.

As we expand in size, locations, and complexity, How We Work Together will keep us connected to our Purpose and drive a culture that welcomes all types of different people and makes it easy for everyone to work together.

The OZWay

The OZWay guides us while giving us the freedom and pathways to achieve our aspirations and purpose. We are passionate about creating an inclusive culture where people challenge, innovate, learn and grow together.


Our Culture

We’re building a culture and environment where all of us want to go beyond what’s possible – it’s our purpose.