We have an aspiration to reduce our greenhouse emissions ... eventually to zero.

What role hydrogen can play in helping us achieve this aspiration? We know there is a lot of interest in hydrogen, and we are following developments closely, but there are currently few examples that we’ve seen of hydrogen unlocking significant emission reductions on mine sites.

Through our ‘Think & Act Differently’ incubator we have prioritised opportunities for reducing energy and emissions.

For this challenge, we want your ideas and hypotheses on how hydrogen could be used in mining. You can propose experiments to demonstrate these applications and validate your hypotheses.

All participants will get an opportunity to engage with our team on the Hydrogen Hypothesis forum and we invite shortlisted teams to chat with leaders in our business to discuss their proposals.

Selected individuals/teams will be provided with funding to conduct their experiment.

We have partnered with Unearthed for this challenge and detailed information is available on the challenge platform. You can find out more by watching the Hydrogen Hypothesis introductory video.