We have an aspiration to produce products with a very small environmental footprint and to create as much value as we can for all of our stakeholders.

This means eliminating carbon emissions along the entire value chain, reducing water consumption and minimising the waste that we produce. So, we are exploring alternative ways for producing metal products directly from copper concentrate onsite at our operations.

Early stage and novel concepts are encouraged as are commercially ready solutions.

We have partnered with Unearthed for this challenge and detailed information is available on the challenge platform. You can also find out more by watching the Ingenious Extraction introductory video.

Finalists announced

This very popular crowd challenge broke Unearthed participation records with six teams selected to run their funded experiments and join the OZ Minerals Accelerator.

Learn about the finalists.

Find out more about the results of our Ingenious Extraction challenge experiments by downloading the White Paper  (PDF 3.8MB).