Together with our challenge partner, Inspire Resources, we are seeking to identify solutions, technologies and systems that can contribute to the development of a scalable and adaptable approach to mining.   

We are inviting innovators and ideators from around the world who wish to play a role in exploring this approach and have ideas to contribute. Modular designs are some of the ways scalable and adaptable systems are developed in other industries, and we are keen to understand the potential benefits this approach may bring.   

This challenge is open to everyone with solutions, ideas, technologies and approaches that can help us design a modular mine. We want to find diverse solutions and hear from innovators inside and outside the mining industry, who have insights and learnings on moving to a modular approach to operations.  

A new approach to mining could be the game-changer that unlocks future opportunities for the industry, allowing companies to capitalise on the rapid advancement of new technologies. 

We are also working with Unearthed to launch our invitation to the crowd. Find out more about the challenge by watching the introductory video.