As part of OZ Minerals’ ongoing review and update of its Performance and Process Standards, an update has been made to its Continuous Disclosure Standard.

The Continuous Disclosure Standard ensures the market is kept informed of, and has equal and timely access to, material information relating to OZ Minerals and applies to all OZ Minerals personnel including:

  • directors, officers, employees and agents of OZ Minerals;
  • any ventures or entities controlled by OZ Minerals; and
  • all OZ Minerals operations and activities globally.

Key changes in the updated Standard include:

  • Information presented in a concise Q&A style that’s focused on core concepts so it’s easier to understand.
  • Continuous disclosure obligations clearly stepped through.
  • Blackout periods amended to be more consistent with market practice – now commencing at the end of each reporting period (i.e. 31 December or 30 June).

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