Geoshapes Challenge finalists use data to identify minerals in digital core.

The finalists of the Geoshape Challenge, which was launched in September this year, were announced today and we’d like to congratulate all innovators who made submissions!

The finalists with the highest performing algorithms are:

1st Place – Hugh Sanderson, from Perth, Western Australia

2nd Place – Tryan Aditya Putra from Jakarta Indonesia

3rd Place – Francisco Noa from Seville, Spain

Eleganza Prize – Vincent Larmet from Arcy-sur-Cure, France

Think & Act Differently (TAD), powered by OZ Minerals, together with Unearthed, launched the Geoshapes Challenge with the global data science crowd to create an algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence to identify the shapes of metals in digitally scanned core. Being able to obtain more information from drill core and improving our knowledge of an ore body means we may be able to extract valuable metals with less waste.

Jessica Doherty, OZ Minerals’ Transformation Portfolio Manager, explained that the challenge has been a great way to work with highly talented people across the globe to solve technical opportunities that are relatively new to the mining industry. “Diversity and inclusion are key to our ecosystem, and we were thrilled to have 135 people take part in the challenge from all around the world.”

TAD is working with OreExplore to conduct x-ray scanning of drill core so it can be digitalised to accelerate and strengthen the development of our resource models.  With this information, TAD will simulate different scenarios to mine and process critical mineral orebodies in a way that maximises value and economics and minimises operational footprint.
Collaboration is key to our shared success, and we want to work with the best minds to change the future of mining. TAD runs an Open House, which is an easy virtual way for innovators to approach OZ Minerals and contribute to the development of modern mining.   The Open House is always open for your ideas!