Today the Think & Act Differently (TAD) team, powered by OZ Minerals, launched the TAD Open House.

The TAD Open House provides an easy, online way for innovators and innovative companies to approach OZ Minerals with ideas and technologies to contribute to the development of modern mining.

Jessica Doherty, TAD Incubator Manager, explains ‘we have launched the Open House to provide a welcoming and streamlined virtual space for people to connect with us and get feedback on their ideas. This will enable us to broaden our understanding of potential opportunities and it means innovators trying to approach the industry don’t need to cold call or find the right contacts on LinkedIn.’

Through the TAD Open House, a diverse range of people from established companies are invited to start-ups to share innovative ideas and solutions and seek our support and funding to trial them in a supportive environment.

Being virtual, the TAD Open House is always open, ideas can be submitted at any time and our expert panel will review submissions every quarter. Collaboration is key to our shared success, and we want to work with the best minds, Think & Act Differently to change the future of mining and unlock the modern minerals needed for a sustainable future.

There are two main ways to get involved;

  1. Jump into the Open House at any time with ideas or solutions that you think would be useful for our industry, or
  2. Contribute to one of the specific areas of focus where we are looking for new ideas and technology.

    Right now, those are:
  • Separation and Pre-Concentration,
  • Slope Engineering and,
  • Materials Movement.

Every quarter, TAD runs a structured Open House intake program to select innovators we will support through experiments, pilots or field trials. This is a great way for us to get to know each other and stretch our combined thinking.

For more information please visit this link. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Open House!