One of the biggest mining projects in South Australia in the last decade, Carrapateena Province is in the highly prospective Gawler Craton in South Australia. It’s already set to become a multi-generational, low-cost mining province.

The Kokatha people are the traditional owners of the land.

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Product: Copper concentrate (containing gold and silver)

Production rate: 4.25Mtpa

Mine life: ~20 years

Location: 250 km south-east of Prominent Hill, 160 km north of the regional centre of Port Augusta, in South Australia

Mining method: Underground – sub-level caving

Processing method: Conventional crushing, grinding and flotation

Carrapateena Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation EPBC Act 1999 (Cth) Compliance Report 2022 (Issue Date - March 2023) (PDF 5MB)


  • 2011
    • OZ Minerals acquires Carrapateena exploration project.
  • 2014
    • Pre-feasibility study completed.
  • 2016
    • Carrapateena scoping study completed.
    • Partnering Agreement between OZ Minerals and Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation signed.
  • 2017
    • Jointly received Premier’s Award for Social Inclusion with the Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation.
    • Feasibility Study updated
    • Works on enabling infrastructure commenced.
  • 2018
    • Project approvals complete.
    • Construction commenced.
    • Received Premier’s Award for Excellence in Working with Communities.
  • 2019
    • Construction complete.
    • First saleable concentrate produced.
    • Block Cave Expansion PFS commenced.
  • 2020
    • 4.25Mtpa ramp up achieved.
    • Block Cave Expansion PFS complete.
    • Block Cave Expansion approved.
    • New 270 km transmission line to Prominent Hill via Carrapateena commissioned.
    • Early works on Western Access Road commenced.
  • 2021
    • Block Cave Expansion early works underway.

How we Engage

We recognise that every First Nations community is unique. Carrapateena operates in accordance with the high-level principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). We sought expert advice to ensure the correct First Nations community group (the Kokatha people) has been, and continues to be, consulted in relation to the activities of the province. A province includes the area and operations spanning the central mine and processing hub, as well as the satellite mines and other nearby resources that may be produced in the future.

In 2014, a Native Title Determination in favour of the Kokatha people was made over all the land upon which Carrapateena operates. We have a strong working relationship with the Kokatha people and executed the Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation and OZ Minerals Carrapateena Pty Ltd Partnering Agreement (Nganampa palyanku kanyintjaku ‘Keeping the future good for all of us’) in 2016. 

The Partnering Agreement provides the foundation for the relationship between the Kokatha people and our Carrapateena operations. It will apply throughout the life of the Carrapateena mine and during any future OZ Minerals project in Kokatha country, including project rehabilitation. 

Its purpose statement is, “KAC and OZ Minerals will work together to create sustainable benefits by leveraging, developing and building on our shared values and aspirations, whilst protecting and respecting country and culture.” 

In 2017, the Native Title Mining Agreement (NTMA) for Carrapateena was approved during a community meeting of Kokatha Common Law holders. Reaching consent with the Kokatha Common Law holders was done in a way that aligned with the principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent. The agreement outlines the legal obligations between Carrapateena and the Kokatha people and meets the requirements of the Mining Act. 

Capability Building

The NTMA is the local level agreement between Carrapateena and the Kokatha People. Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation manage the NTMA on behalf of the Kokatha People in partnership with the Carrapateena. 

During the agreement making process, we agreed to fund initiatives that support Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation’s capacity, including for specific administration, business development and operational roles. 

Regular engagement and support are embedded in the relationship.

  • The Partnering Management Committee maintains and facilitates delivery of the NTMA consistently with the goals and objectives of the Partnering Agreement. It meets quarterly to discuss collaborative actions and outcomes of the relationship.
  • Annual Health Checks are where each organisation spends time together to discuss their relationship and future ways of working.
  • Monthly ‘Lean’ Meetings between Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation and Carrapateena help track progress on NTMA related actions and other business.
  • Monthly business development meetings allow Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation to proactively seek commercial opportunities within Carrapateena’s operations.

Our strong partnership enables Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation to build its capability in areas where it has identified a need. One example is financial support for Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation Board members to undertake governance training with the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Cultural Appreciation

We foster cultural understanding and respect by engaging and educating our Workforce (employees and contractors) on how our activities and behaviours impact on the Kokatha and other First Nations communities. This helps to protect cultural heritage sites of significance – both anthropological and archaeological. Building and maintaining strong cultural understanding drives value creation for the business, our stakeholders and communities. 

Carrapateena has proactively collaborated with the Kokatha people through the Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation to manage cultural heritage. In addition to legislative obligations, the NTMA outlines Carrapateena’s and Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation’s heritage survey obligations. These legal obligations are captured in the Cultural Heritage Management System and associated plans. The Cultural Heritage Management Plan captures the formal process through which OZ Minerals accounts for the importance of cultural heritage features and values in their planning of business activities. Understanding the culture of the Kokatha people and protecting it is part of the Asset’s Legal and Social obligations.

We developed the Kokatha Cross-cultural Respect training in partnership with the Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation. The training has four levels and includes online modules and face-to-face delivery. 

Carrapateena works closely with the Kokatha community to jointly celebrate important cultural events and activities such as NAIDOC Week and National Reconciliation Week.

Going beyond at Carrapateena

A long-life, high-quality asset, Carrapateena doubles as a hub for innovation and collaboration, and is living proof of Our Purpose to go beyond what’s possible to make lives better.

Case study: Hybrid Energy Plant

Mining consumes lots of energy, so variability, uncertainty and complexity of energy supply needs to be well managed.

Carrapateena is home to South Australia’s ‘hybrid energy plant’, a unique facility designed to attract global organisations and host experiments focused on finding creative energy solutions for more sustainable mines

We know that to achieve real breakthroughs, we need to think about, and design mines, very differently and collaborate widely.

Carrapateena shows what we can create when we Think and Act Differently.

Case study: Hybrid Energy Plant

Working at Carrapateena

Already a world-class operation, Carrapateena will be home to exciting discoveries, new developments and creative innovations in mining for years to come. Join our team or partner with us and be part of a Modern Mining Company.


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