Creating value is at the heart of our strategy.

This means creating value for all our stakeholders – shareholders, workforce, communities, governments, customers and suppliers.

Our strategy outlines what we focus on over the long term and what sort of Company we aim to be, a Modern Mining Company.

Strategic Aspirations

Our Strategic Aspirations help us to picture where we want to get to in the future.

They are used in our business planning and worked into our devolved organisational model in the short to medium term. They help us focus on a few high-impact activities under each element of our strategy – Partnering, Lean and Innovative, Devolved and Agile, Modern Minerals, Investing Responsibly and How We Work Together.


Stakeholder Value Creation Metrics

They help us keep track of how we are achieving our Strategy and living up to our Purpose, delivering what we promise.


The OZWay

To help us tie everything together, we created The OZWay to explain how we work and why we do the things we do. It guides our decisions while giving us the freedom and pathways to reach our aspirations.