Together we’re creating value for all our stakeholders; building a sustainable and successful business for all of us. 

We are free to be ourselves. Our How We Work Together principles guide us in creating opportunities to achieve great things in an innovative and collaborative way. (We work with nice people too.)

We want to work with the best talent no matter where they live. Our people help build our unique culture and create a space where everyone is empowered to do fulfilling work through: 

Flexibility ... using a work life plan to help each of us be at our best, with work fitting around the unique lives we lead. Working remotely or in different ways, each plan is customised. We want to challenge all assumptions about who is doing the work, and how and where it can be done.

Inclusiveness ... recognising the value of difference, our people will come from all walks of life and collectively help us get smarter, more agile and more innovative. We are creating an environment where everyone can fully contribute, and we are free to be ourselves.

High performance and Innovation ... our people have our trust and are empowered to think and act differently to achieve great outcomes. We believe in setting clear goals and learning from our diverse experiences. 

How We Work Together … where how we do things is as important as what we do. We are supported by our How We Work Together principles, which in turn guide our behaviour so we achieve great things together.

Deliberate development ... with personal and professional development woven into everyday work. Supported by strong leaders and a range of growth opportunities, the work we do will be inherently developmental, as we pause, learn and continue to improve, and support each other’s growth.  

Low bureaucracy ... so anyone can contribute ideas and have them heard. This doesn’t mean no rules or consequences, but rather, that we are all trusted to ask questions, make decisions, act on them and learn from them.

Meaningful work ... with repetitive tasks progressively automated and digitised. We want to free ourselves up to think and work creatively, create value for our stakeholders and make meaningful impact on the people around us. 

Social performance … we deliver long-term benefits to Stakeholders by engaging and collaborating, understanding the social (and other) impacts of our activities, and minimising our negative effects.

Working with the best people ... no matter where they live. We recruit the best and you are trusted from the outset to deliver. 

We don’t all have to be the same, just driven by a passion to do the best work of our lives. 

How We Work Together
One of our greatest assets is our people, and OZ Minerals' How We Work Together principles set us apart and underpin the unique culture we enjoy today and into the future.

How We Work Together is:

  • Thinking and acting differently
  • Building an inclusive culture that enables our people to succeed
  • Focusing on partnerships and collaboration, not hierarchy
  • Enabling superior results through effective planning and agile deployment
  • Doing what we say we will do and taking action
  • Acting with integrity across all stakeholders.

These specific behaviours enable growth, innovation, collaboration and help us become a Modern Mining Company.

How We Work Together principles