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Copper Sculpture Award

Two important aspects of South Australian life, ‘Copper’ and the ‘Arts,’ have come together to form the OZ Minerals Copper Sculpture Award. As part of the South Australian Living Arts Festival (SALA) OZ Minerals has sponsored the award to support artists or students who work or would like to work in copper, for the past four years.

OZ Minerals Copper sculpture award nominations - entries are now closed.

The Award works like an arts commission. One South Australian artist, student or group will be given the opportunity to create a work of art using copper for the 2016 SALA Festival. Artists will be able to apply for copper materials and $500 to help with production costs. OZ Minerals will provide the copper to the artist and assist with transporting the finished artwork to the exhibition space.

The successful recipient of the OZ Minerals Copper Sculpture Award will have their artwork exhibited at Adelaide Airport during the 2016 SALA Festival.

Entries for the 2016 OZ Minerals Copper Sculpture Award are now closed.

Winners of the ‘Award’ will have until June 2016 in which to create their artworks. A full list of terms and conditions is available from the SALA website. Winners will be announced in early July 2015.

2016 Winner

Congratulations to the winner of this year’s OZ Minerals Copper Sculpture Award, Mark Ryan.

A traditional blacksmith by occupation, Mark participated in OZ Minerals’ inaugural copper workshop to extend his practice into copper.

Mark has proposed to create a large scale copper sculpture of a leafy sea dragon, a unique marine creature endemic to South Australia.

Mark will have until the start of the 2016 SALA Festival in which to complete his artwork which will be exhibited at Adelaide Airport. Read the media Release - Winner announced - OZ Minerals Copper Sculpture Award - 3 July 2015.

Previous winners
OZ Minerals copper sculpture award exhibitions

2015 Winner
Chris Ormerod - From the Hill

2014 Winners
Warren Pickering and Anna Small - Metamorphosis 

2013 Winner 
Nicholas Uhlmann -  'Dream Voyager'

2012 Winner
Mei Sheong Wong - 'Heavy metal'

2011 Winners
Metropolitan winner: Chris Ormerod, Artwork: 'This Vital Arc'
Regional winner: Rachel and Mark Young, Artwork: 'After the rain'
Schools winner: Victor Harbor School High School, Artwork: School signage

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