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Copper exhibition 2011

2011 Metropolitan winner: Chris Ormerod
Artwork: 'This Vital Arc'

SALA exhibition location: TAFE SA - Adelaide College of the Arts, 39 Light Square, Adelaide until 29 August 2011

Chris’ sculpture is a tall, free standing form connecting the land and the sky. The dynamic shape is reminiscent of lightning, of energy in a raw form. Of an arc being freshly struck. The sculpture stands 6 metres high, 2.4 metres wide and 1.5 metres deep and weighs approximately 200 kilograms.

Left: 'This Vital Arc', Chris Ormerod; right: Sculptor Chris Ormerod and OZ Minerals Managing Director and CEO Terry Burgess.

2011 Regional winner: Rachel and Mark Young 
Artwork: 'After The Rain'
SALA exhibition location: Cultural Precinct Gallery, Roxby Downs

'After The Rain’ explores the delicate balance of life in South Australia’s arid region and was inspired by the environment surrounding Roxby Downs after 2010 and 2011’s abundant rain. Rachel Young, a jewellery maker and designer, along with her husband Mark who is a boilermaker by trade, has created a beautiful landscape using copper wire, sheet and rod as well as steel. In ‘After The Rain’ birds formed from copper wire are in full flight across the South Australian landscape.

'After The Rain' by Rachel and Mark Young

2011 Schools winner: Victor Harbor High School 
Artwork: School signange

Students from Victor Harbor High School hand crafted their new school signage using funds from the OZ Minerals Copper Sculpture Award. The copper signage is made up of 30cm high individual copper letters and spells out the school’s name. The copper letters are decorated with blue, white and black enamel artwork/designs that have been derived from the images of wave and costal native plants.

The copper signage was developed over a year and was a team effort across the school. Stencils for the artwork were created by year 8 and 9 students by converting their sketches of coastal native plants into outline drawings and the year 12 students cut the shapes to be transferred to the copper letters.