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‘From the Hill’ beckons at Adelaide Airport

Posted 07 August 2015

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Today the From the Hill copper sculpture created through the OZ Minerals' Copper Sculpture Award was officially opened by Senator Penny Wong and Dr Gill Hicks as part of an exhibition at Adelaide Airport.

The sculpture was created by the South Australian-based artist Chris Ormerod who won last year's OZ Minerals Copper Sculpture Award. The award provides copper and funding and gives artists one year to produce an original artwork.

From the Hill is a large sculpture, standing over 1.8 metres high and over 2 metres long. The copper has been heat-treated through welding techniques to create an impressive sculpture with rich colours.

In describing his approach to sculpture, Chris Ormerod says, “I love welding and I love working with metal so my art practice combines these loves and allows me to “play”. Next year will be my 40th year as a metal worker and I am still discovering ways to work metal. I feel the need to make to a larger than human scale, I basically cannot get them big enough.”

Chris was also the recipient of the Copper Sculpture Award in 2010, creating a copper sculpture entitled This Vital Arc.

The work was inspired by the landscape and colours of South Australia.

“This work stems from a trip back from [OZ Minerals' mine] Prominent Hill where I was very taken by the colours emanating from the land. Working with copper on previous occasions I noticed a similarity of colours from applying heat. Copper possesses a very natural flowing pool when welding, it almost runs so that is why this work possess a curved natural feel reminisant of water creating eddies or of a leaf or feather

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