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OZ Minerals’ copper Metamorphosis at Adelaide Airport

Posted 31 July 2014

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Today two copper sculptures created through the OZ Minerals' Copper Sculpture Award were unveiled at Adelaide Airport.

The main terminal of Adelaide Airport has come alive with the display of Metamorphosis, copper sculptures that were created as part of the 2014 South Australian Living Arts Festival (SALA).

South Australian-based artists, husband and wife Anna Small and Warren Pickering were joint winners of last year's OZ Minerals Copper Sculpture Award. The award provides copper and funding and gives artists one year to produce an original artwork.

Describing the award as the highlight of their career to date, Anna and Warren looked to scientific illustration drawings as inspiration for their work.

Warren says, “Our pieces are 3 dimensional abstractions of shapes of plant life. The metamorphosis is the growth and change that our art practise has gone through with this opportunity. Our pieces have morphed from a flat sheet of beautiful metal to organic shapes that seem to be growing and moving.”

“Winning the prize has been an exciting time for us both. We have been enjoying exploring the new tools and processes needed to work with copper so it has been a learning curve for us. Previously we worked in corten and stainless steel so copper being so much softer has been lovely

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