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Power of the Crowd

We want our people to be innovative and challenge the status quo. And what better way to build business capability, than tapping on the crowd and sourcing open innovation more broadly to solve complex problems?

You may have heard of the term “crowdsourcing”. It refers to a way of sourcing people who are available to help or work on a project.

Why? Because enough people with enough time and enough interest can become some really powerful solutions.

The Think & Act Differently discovery-driven incubator powered by OZ Minerals is one way we are taking a unique approach to innovation. The following challenges also mark the start of our journey of discovery and learning:


Electric Mine Simulation Challenge

The ‘Electric Mine Simulation’ crowd challenge is a joint challenge launched in partnership with the Electric Mine Consortium (EMC), OZ Minerals’ Think & Act Differently ideas incubator and Unearthed. This eight-week online challenge invites companies and individuals from around the world to propose an approach to designing an open architecture, mine design simulation platform that can initially be used to compare a fully electric underground mine with its traditional diesel powered equivalent. A selected cohort from this challenge will join the Think & Act Differently incubator and be supported in developing a demonstration of their solution.  

Find out more about the challenge.


Change how we Explore

OZ Minerals aspires to emit zero scope 1 emissions. Are there current technologies that can be implemented for exploration activities to help us achieve this goal?

To answer this question, we are calling on individuals and teams to propose current designs and technologies that will provide: 

  • alternatives to drilling 
  • smarter ways to transport, purify, and source water 
  • ways to generate green power that produces large amounts of energy, is robust, portable, and useable in remote areas subject to harsh conditions (from hot and dry) and freezing locations.

If you think you may have a solution, please read the detailed challenge documents and submit your solutions by 20 October 2021.


Waste to Value

In partnership with, AMIRA and the International Copper Association Australia, OZ Minerals is inviting mining companies and industry representatives to partner with us on our ‘Waste to Value’ Crowd Challenge.  

The Challenge will run in November 2021, and we are seeking to explore a range of opportunities along the mining value chain that relate to waste minimisation and creating value from waste.

If you would like to take part as an innovator or as a sponsor of an experiment, please register your interest and we will get in touch with you.  


Scalable and Adaptable

Together with our challenge partner, Inspire Resources, we are seeking to identify solutions, technologies and systems that can contribute to the development of a scalable and adaptable approach to mining.   

We are inviting innovators and ideators from around the world who wish to play a role in exploring this approach and have ideas to contribute. Modular designs are some of the ways scalable and adaptable systems are developed in other industries, and we are keen to understand the potential benefits this approach may bring.   

We want to find diverse solutions and hear from innovators inside and outside the mining industry, who have insights and learnings on moving to a modular approach to operations.  

We are also working with Unearthed to launch this invitation to the crowd. Find out more about the Scalable and Adaptable challenge by watching the introductory video.


Hydrogen Hypothesis

What role can hydrogen play in helping us achieve our aspiration of reduced greenhouse emissions?

To answer this question, we are calling on individuals and teams to propose experiments which use hydrogen to unlock significant emission reductions on mine sites.

All participants will gain the opportunity to engage with our team on the Hydrogen Hypothesis forum and shortlisted teams will be invited to chat with leaders in our business to discuss their proposals further.


Sound the Alarm

Data science, mathematics and analytics takes center stage in our Sound the Alarm challenge, with teams building machine learning models for our Prominent Hill mining operation.


Ingenious Extraction

Ingenious Extraction is our very first ‘Think and Act differently’ incubator challenge. This is a challenge focused on finding new ways to extract metals like copper, gold, silver and cobalt from our concentrates.  

You can find out more by watching the Ingenious Extraction introductory video


Copa de Cobre

Our Copa de Cobre Challenge sought to define new search spaces for copper exploration in Peru by generating a data-driven domain map of the country, using satellite data. This challenge was truly global with winners coming from France, South Korea, USA, Brazil, and Russia.



Drillanthropy harnesses the power of the crowd and puts a data-science spin on how we have traditionally generated exploration targets and is a new addition to OZ Minerals’ project generation toolkit.

Data-driven exploration models are proliferating across South Australia as a direct result of the Explorer Challenge, the SA Government’s Gawler Challenge, and renewed interest in machine learning across the mining industry. Drillanthropy is our way of connecting these new ideas to the funding needed to test them.

Applications for Drillanthropy funding are currently open to any tenement holder in Australia with a copper target backed by quality data science.

Successful applications will see their target drilled and positive results are guaranteed subsequent funding through partnership with OZ Minerals to see these projects progressed.


Trace from Space - Gravity Challenge

Space and Mining come together on this challenge to visualise the entire supply chain so we can make positive improvements and changes.  

There are simple ways we already track large suppliers of goods, but we have thousands of suppliers and our suppliers would also have thousands of their own suppliers. So, we wanted to look at how to track and trace suppliers at scale.  You can manually collect the data … but it will be out of date very quickly and take a long time to analyse.

Managing large amounts of supply chain data in an automated way would provide immense advantages.  


Capture the Spark

We once again partnered with Unearthed to launch the Capture the Spark competition.

By taking submissions from potential partners, the goal of the competition is to solve the following problem: “How do we capture renewable energy in a cost effective and sustainable way for future use on site?”

This challenge invites individuals, teams and organisations, with viable solutions that can assist us in our target of 100% renewable energy usage at West Musgrave. Early-stage and novel concepts are encouraged, as are commercially ready solutions.


Explorer Challenge

We partnered with energy and resources open innovation platform, Unearthed, to launch the Explorer Challenge in 2018.

Through this unique, online crowdsourcing competition, we called for geologists and data scientists from across the globe to develop ground-breaking approaches to discover new exploration targets at a site near OZ Minerals’ Prominent Hill copper-gold mine in South Australia, with a A$1 million prize pool awarded to the winning ideas.