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Strategic Projects

Concentrate Treatment Plant

Studies on the Concentrate Treatment Plant (CTP) have concluded with a deep body of knowledge acquired and positive technical outcomes that provide optionality in the future. However, OZ Minerals has decided not to proceed with the CTP at this time.

The CTP is an innovative solution to significantly increase copper-in-concentrate grades and reduce impurities to very low levels. The plant combines new chemistry with existing technology, converting chalcopyrite and bornite into chalcocite by leaching out iron and other impurities.

Please refer to the ASX releases section of our website for updates regarding the Concentrate Treatment Plant.


Hill to Hill Transmission Line Project

OZ Minerals has a power strategy to achieve reliable, secure and affordable power for its current and future assets.

The first phase of this strategy, power transmission, sees OZ Minerals' current South Australian assets remain on the electricity grid via a new power line. Existing infrastructure in the region does not support OZ Minerals' current activities and future regional expansion plans. Construction of the new power line, the Hill to Hill Project, will enable OZ Minerals' growth strategy for the region.