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The Environmental Performance Standards are one of five performance areas that together provide the governance and integration to unlock value across our business.

The Environmental Performance Standards describe the minimum requirements of Assets to manage environmental threats and impacts associated with specific activities or tasks, and to identify opportunities that have the potential to drive value creation for both OZ Minerals and the communities in which we operate.

OZ Minerals is committed to providing a high standard of care for the natural environment through effective organisational practices, progressive land rehabilitation and application of impact profiles as low as reasonably practicable, which are central to our continued performance.

Our activities are undertaken within the framework of mining approvals, lease conditions and licences established by environmental regulatory authorities. We actively engage with local communities and other stakeholders during the various stages of a mining project, from environmental approval processes and exploration through to development, production and closure, to ensure the environmental, social and economic impacts of our projects are understood.

OZ Minerals is committed to high standards of environmental performance among our Employees. The Environmental Performance Standards support OZ Minerals’ policies by articulating the minimum requirements to which Employees and Contractors must adhere.

The Environmental Performance Standards can be viewed here


Additional information

Read about our environmental programs and performance in our annual Sustainability reports.