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Performance Standards

OZ Minerals’ performance standards define the minimum required performance to manage sustainability risks across the business.

These standards are used to audit current assets’ performance, to provide performance expectations for integrating assets to achieve and to be provided to contractors and partners to articulate what performance is expected when working at an OZ Minerals asset.

Importantly the standard does not articulate in detail how elements of the standard are to be delivered and managed. Rather, the documents are structured so that each asset, contractor or partner can use its own business standards and processes to deliver on this performance in keeping with our devolved business model.


Our major contractors have requirements in their contracts consistent with OZ Minerals’ Code of Conduct and Sustainability Management Standards.

OZ Minerals’ performance standards are categorised into four sections, these are: 


Safety Performance Standards

  1. Isolation Standard
  2. Fixed and Mobile Equipment Standard
  3. Electrical Safety Standard
  4. Fall Prevention Standard
  5. Confined Spaces Standard
  6. Ground Control Standard
  7. Explosives Standard
  8. Fire Prevention Standard
  9. Aviation Standard
  10. Inundation Standard


Environmental Performance Standards

  1. Water Standard
  2. Land and Biodiversity Standard
  3. Air Emissions Standard
  4. Emissions and Resource Efficiency Standard
  5. Waste Rock and Ore Standard
  6. Waste and Waste Water Standard
  7. Tailings Standard
  8. Rehabilitation and Closure Standard


Health and Wellbeing Performance Standards:

  1. Medical Programs Standard
  2. Occupational Exposure Control Standard
  3. Fitness for Work Standard
  4. Lone Workers and Remote Travel Standard
  5. Hazardous Materials Standard


Social Performance Standards:

  1. Stakeholder Engagement Standard
  2. Land-Connected Indigenous Standard
  3. Local Enterprise Standard
  4. Security Standard