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Social Performance

The Social Performance Standards are one of five performance areas that together provide the governance and integration to unlock value across our business.

The Social Performance Standards describe the minimum requirements of Assets to manage threats associated with specific activities or tasks, and to identify opportunities that have the potential to drive value creation for both OZ Minerals and the communities in which we operate and wish to be welcome.

Building and maintaining strong supportive relationships and partnerships with local people in the areas where we operate drives value creation for both the business and communities and is within our core strategy. We seek to deliver long-term benefits to local communities and other stakeholders by engaging and collaborating with local communities, understanding the social (and other) impacts of our activities, and reducing the negative effects of our activities.

OZ Minerals is committed to high standards of community engagement and social performance by our Employees and Contractors. The Social Performance Standards support OZ Minerals policies by articulating the minimum requirements to which Employees and Contractors must adhere.

The Social Performance Standards can be viewed here