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Performance Summary

At OZ Minerals we strive to be modern. We’re guided by our Purpose, Going beyond what’s possible to make lives better. 2021 saw us further advance our growth strategy and strengthen our cultural foundations to support our aspirations in 2022 and beyond.

Strategy and Growth Pipeline

Our Strategy is centred around value creation for stakeholders. By ethically and responsibly exploring for and mining copper we contribute to a low carbon future and economic wellbeing which, in turn, helps us achieve our Purpose and contribute to a better future.

Risk Summary

We recognise that timely identification and management of risks (that's opportunities and threats) are fundamental to sound management and superior outcomes for our stakeholders – employees, communities, shareholders, governments and suppliers.

Understanding our Stakeholders’ Interests

We aim to be welcome in the Communities and regions which host our mines and operations. By building shared understanding, we can advocate and support each other to make lives better.

The OZWay

We recognise our responsibility to meaningfully contribute to regional economic and social wellbeing as stronger communities create value for all stakeholders. Strong ethical, environmental and social performance helps us comply with regulations, and meet or exceed stakeholder expectations.

Remuneration Highlights

We’re building a culture and environment where all of us want to go beyond what’s possible – it’s our Purpose. We enjoy coming to work because we’re trusted to make a real contribution, can work flexibly and are well paid. Together we’re creating value for all our stakeholders; building a safe, sustainable and successful business for all of us.

Financial Highlights

We maintain a strong balance sheet to support our growth strategy. By safely and consistently meeting operational targets and working ethically, in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way, we aim to achieve consistent top quartile returns and pay sustainable dividends.

Performance summary Strategy and growth pipeline Risk summary Understanding our stakeholders’ interests Sustainability The OZWay Remuneration Highlights Financial Highlights